Young Brussels girls discover football at school thanks to RSCA and Telenet

Laura De Neve, captain of the RSCA Women, and Ella Van Kerkhoven, also a Red Flame, went to primary schools De Kleurdoos in Brussels and Regina Assumpta in Anderlecht on Wednesday morning to give training to young girls between 8 and 12 years old. This visit marked the start of a whole series of training sessions coming up in the coming weeks in Brussels schools.

RSC Anderlecht and Telenet want more Brussels girls playing soccer. Olivier Goris, Lead Sports at Telenet, adds: "Not only because sport and soccer are super fun, but also because sport is an important social factor. Soccer is fun and it can help you advance in society.

Our players provided an initiation training and gave the girls the opportunity to talk about football. After an inspiring and pleasant training session, they also handed out balls. So that the schools keep on organizing training sessions and inspiring other girls and schools to start playing football.

"That's what we do it for. Role modeling, encouraging girls to play soccer and that they also see that it is a girl's sport. Having fun and playing sports with friends is the most important thing at a young age."
Laura De Neve (captain RSCA Women)

RSC Anderlecht and Telenet want to offer girls in Brussels a broader future perspective, with football as a driving force.  Together we are convinced that football opens doors, unites and is the perfect vehicle to strengthen each other as a team. 

Here's to More Girls in Football. 

Relive here how our players introduced young Brussels girls to football. 

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