FC Hayasa as the first opponent in the Champions League

This Friday afternoon, the draw for the first two qualifying rounds of the UEFA Women's Champions League was held in Nyon. FC Hayasa (Armenia) came out of the pot as the first opponent of our RSCA Women. The match will be played in Croatia on August 18.

The game is played according to a new competition formula. Where in the past there was played according to a group system, the first preliminary round now consists of a mini tournament with semi-final and final at one and the same location. Our RSCA Women will therefore first have to beat the team from Armenia to advance to the final of the first preliminary round. The other finalist is the winner between the match between Osijek (Croatia) and Breznica Pljevlja (Montenegro). In the event of a loss, a game will be played between the two losers with no consequences. The first preliminary round therefore consists of two European matches certainly.

If they win the final, our ladies will advance to a final qualifying round, which will determine their participation in the Champions League. That preliminary round consists of a classic home and away match.

Come on you Mauves!

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