RectoVerso x RSCA Women

Thanks to RectoVerso, our RSCA Women can wear their confidence on their sleeve off the pitch as well. RectoVerso designed a warming up outfit for our women team.  

The people at RectoVerso have always been advocates for a bigger presence of women in sports. Over the years, they’ve witnessed firsthand all the effort, the sacrifices, and the hard work that our ambassadors put into their passion, day in, day out. Efforts that deserve more recognition.   

RSC Anderlecht and RectoVerso obviously share a common goal. RSC Anderlecht heavily invests in the growth and the development of women’s football in Belgium by combining sportive ambition and success with social commitment, empowerment of women, gender equality, and inclusion. It’s our ambition to empower women through the beautiful game, changing the conversation and perception, striving towards sportive excellence and exchanging social values along the way.   

“I play football myself. So, obviously I was very thrilled when RSCA Wonen contacted RectoVerso for a partnership, says Camille Liebaert, founder of RectoVerso. Their values match ours perfectly, and when it comes to investing in their women’s team, they are the leading example.  There’s still a long way to go to achieve equality between women and men sports, especially in football. But I feel like we’re moving in the right direction. With RectoVerso we want to support this movement wherever we can.” 

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