Great performance in Zulte (1-3)

SVZW: Meersschaert, Camps, Vierendeels, Windels, De Priester, Rogiers, Laridon (78’ Buyle), Capiau (78’ De Baets), Vervacke (66’ Steyvers), Scherrens (66’ Merchiers), Decoene (33’ Lefere)

RSCA: Odeurs, Deloose, De Neve, Vanhamel, Toloba, Tison, Vatafu, Gelders, Wijnants, Colson & Maximus (72’ Ouzraoui Diki)

Goals: 5’ Vanhamel (0-1), 7’ Gelders (0-2), 12’ De Neve (1-2, own-goal) & 94’ Ouzraoui Diki (1-3)


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RSCA Women beat Club YLA (4-0) and will now face Standard de Liège in the final stage of this competition. Watch the best moments of the victory.