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Our RSCA Women are through to the final of the Belgian Cup!

Our RSCA Women play against Standard Liège in the final, which will be played on April 19th at 15h.

RSCA: Justien Odeurs, Britt Vanhamel, Sheryl Merchiers, Tine De Caigny, Elke Van Gorp (86' Jana Coryn), Laura De Neve (c), Mariam Toloba (84' Laura Rus), Sarah Wijnants (86’ Sakina Diki Ouzraoui), Laura Deloose, Stefania Vatafu & Charlotte Tison

 Goals: 52' Tine De Caigny (0-1), 68' Elke Van Gorp (0-2), 81' Tine De Caigny (0-3)