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Great success against Charleroi (8-0)

RSCA: Seynhaeve, Colson, Wijns, De Caigny (46' Teulings), De Neve (46' Vanhamel), Maximus, Vatafu (46' Missipo), Deloose, Tison (70' Wijnants), Ouzraoui Diki (70' Van Gorp) & Wullaert

Charleroi: Collet, Lermusiaux, Dhaou, Farmani, Carabott, Hudson, Matavkova, Fourdin, Bouchenna, Silva Valdebenito & Vos

Goals: 5' De Neve, 12' Wullaert, 16' De Caigny, 22' De Caigny, 24' Maximus, 31' De Caigny, 71' Wullaert & 77' Wullaert


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Embedded thumbnail for RectoVerso x RSCA Women
Thanks to RectoVerso, our RSCA Women can wear their confidence on their sleeve off the pitch as well. RectoVerso designed a warming up outfit for our women team.