KAA Gent Ladies 0-1 RSCA Women

This Saturday, our RSCA Women travelled to KAA Gent. Johan Walem's team won the match with a score of 0-1. In the first half, RSCA Women opened the score when a cross from Sarah Wijnants was deflected into her own net by the captain. Our players then dominated the game without increasing the lead. However, they took all three points from the trip.

RSCA: Odeurs, Colson, De Neve © (66' Maximus), Vanhamel, Vatafu, Wijnants, Deloose, Gelders, Toloba, Tison & Wullaert

Gent: Evrard, Meersman, Van Britsom, Eijken, S. Van Belle, Vande Velde, Mathys, L. Van Belle, Jacobs, Loonen & Van Wynsberghe ©

Goal: 14' Van Wynsberghe (own goal)


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